Bookkeeping Services

• Banking
• Cash Receipts Journal
• Accounts Receivable Sub Ledgers
• Sales Journal
• Invoice Generation
• Aged Accounts Receivable Reports
• Purchase Journal/Disbursements
• Cheque Generation
• Petty Cash Processing
• Job Costing
• Accounts Payable Sub Ledgers
• Aged Accounts Payable Reports
• Inventory Tracking
• Payroll Calculations
• Vacation Pay Calculation/Tracking
• Preparation of T4′s and ROE’s
• Cheque Generation
• Government and Union Remittances
• Bank Reconciliation
• General Ledger
• Personal and Corporate Tax Preparation
• General Journal
• Financial Reports – eg, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Receivable Reports
• Customized Forms or Spreadsheets
• File Set-up/Organization
• Pick-up and Delivery if required
• Customized Reports
• Record Storage
• Personal Accounts Management
• Personal Income Tax Returns
Business Services
• Spreadsheets, Charts and Graphs
• Custom Forms
• Binding/Laminating
• Business Set-up Assistance
• Word Processing
• Mailing/Faxing
• Mailing Address/Mail Boxes


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