Let us do what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best!
We are a home-based business with over 40 years bookkeeping experience in the non-profit, industrial, manufacturing, retail and service industries. As certified professional bookkeepers, we provide timely, accurate and personal service for small to medium size businesses in the Windsor/Essex County area. We work with a selected group of associates, all of whom are experts in their fields. We do not hesitate to “go the extra mile” if that is what our client needs. Our rates are very competitive and your first consultation is free! So give us a call…. “Talk is cheap!”


In-depth Knowledge

Account Ability BookkeepingAccounting procedures and business related Government requirements.

Our services allow clients to focus on running their business.

Less expensive than paying a full-time employee.

Accuracy and Efficiency

Because we specialize in what we do, we do it right and in
an efficient manner.

Less Stress

We track deadlines for Government remittances and payables and complete such forms as T4′s and ROE’s.

Customized Service

Available daily, weekly or monthly, based on your requirements. We also offer customized reports based on your needs.


We will help you set up and/or organize all your files and records.

Specializing in:

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